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Pack, Move, & Stage (15 hours):

For this service, our Home Styling team will bring your home from visual clutter to happily ever after for the future buyers who will be viewing your space for consideration. This process will start with us helping you pick paint colors (if applicable) followed by packing & organizing your personal belongings and furniture to be set aside for staging or moving (by a third party company to be paid separately by the homeowner), then finally, staging your home to be listed.

In order for your booking to be confirmed, the homeowner must forward the receipt for this project with the following text in the body of the email to [email protected]:

I, (first, last name), am authorizing tristinstyling, Inc to access my home, (enter address here) to complete the project described in the attached receipt from (start date) to (finish date). All items to be moved by a third party moving company will be sent to (enter address here).